Welcome! Tap or click here to open up the game settings form. 
      Click the confirm button at the top of the form to get playing :-). 
      You can reopen the game settings at any time by tapping or clicking on the arena!

      If on mobile, you can resize the arena to fit your screen by rotating your device
      back and forth.
      Checkout my blog post to learn more about this game!
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Danté Harrell, MM
Music Consultant
NYC Based Teaching Artist
Email Danté
Steven Lambert
Basic Pong HTML Game
Original Inspiration for making webmidi-conductor
Web MIDI API demo video at Node+JS Interactive seminar Dec 2019
Piano sounds when playing via computer keyboard
Pack: 88 piano keys, long reverb by TEDAgame

Additional Links

Scale Sequence

Chord Step Combinations

Chord Progressions